How I Became a Collaborator


How a Collage Artist Found Community

We Said Hello and Shook Hands is an epic, 270-page book of collaborative collages by Zach Collins, edited by Laura Tringali Holmes. A testament to medium’s unique suitability to collaboration, the book contains over 500 works with 100 different artists. Kolaj Magazine has asked Collins to contribute a series of articles on collaboration which start with this story on how he came to be a collaborator and will continue in future issues.

Collins writes in Kolaj #16, “In collage, we acknowledge our influence, and understand that the new comes from the past. This idea of reinvention and recycling to create new meaning is central to the creative process. I believe that this is how culture evolves everywhere towards a positive benefit; old ideas are renewed through the filter of new thinking. Collage is the perfect medium for collaboration.”

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Collaborative collage between Zach Collins and Fred Free