Laura Stanziola, Uncanny Artist

uncanny artist

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, The Uncanny Artist is a speciality shop selling old and unusual ephemera and objects to a clientele of collage and assemblage artists. Founded in 2002 by artist Laura Stanziola, the store has constantly grown and now holds an inventory of more than 40,000 objects and 100,000 pieces of vintage imagery.

In Issue Three, Kolaj editor Benoit Depelteau traces the portrait of  Laura Stanziola and talks about the atypical road that led to open her unique shop.

In contrast to antique dealers, who search for items in perfect condition, Stanziola often selected broken or damaged objects and ephemera that bore the signs of age. She promptly realized that most of her customers were artists. (…) The business had found its niche.

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