Manfred Gipper & Hagen Klennert

Stadtkreuz 3 by Manfred Gipper and Hagen Klennert


Manfred Gipper and Hagen Klennert have been working as a collage duo for their series of Stadtkreuz (Towncross) collages. Both men live and work in Berlin. Gipper (born 1952) is originally from Bonn in western Germany and Klennert (born 1962) was born in Erfurt in what is now central Germany and grew up in Moscow and Berlin. Both artists have shown their work widely in Europe and beyond.

Gipper and Klennert’s portfolio appears in Issue Three where Ariane Fairlie writes,

Gipper comes from a fine arts background and Klennert from a more design oriented one, which shows in their collages. The images are tactfully calculated and constructed, but there are still loose movements and serendipitous moments in each piece. The colour choices are neutral, but not without excitement, and the imagery is, of course, urban. There are swatches of pattern dispersed throughout each of the compositions, as well as strange technological objects. There are five compositions in total laid out as a cross.

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Stadtkreuz 3 (Towncross 3)
by Manfred Gipper & Hagen Klennert
collage, painting, and drawing on paper