Mystic Krewe of Scissors & Glue


Kolaj #25 Cut Out Page by New Orleans Collage Meet Up

Meet-ups are part of the tapestry of the collage community. The formula is pretty simple: a group of artists get together on a regular basis and cut and glue and chat for an evening. Sometimes these casual affairs form the basis for deeper collaboration and organizing, resulting in group projects and exhibitions. Other times they remain low key social events centered around art making. The Kolaj #25 Cut Out Page is a group effort by participants in the New Orleans Collage Meet Up.

This Cut Out Page appeared in Kolaj #25. To see the entire issue, SUBSCRIBE to Kolaj Magazine or Get a Copy of the Issue.

Christopher Kurts and Hope Amico met at Kolaj Fest in July 2018 and wanted to connect with other artists working in New Orleans. They formed the New Orleans Collage Meet-up, also known as the Mystic Krewe of Scissors and Glue, as a loose collection of collagists who meet once a month to work collaboratively and independently in the same space for a few hours. Attendance varies due to obligations, weather, and so on, but Savanna Meekins, Nathan Sutter, Jady Domingue, Jill Stoll and Maria Degtiarenko are frequent participants. The group meets at Artisan Bar & Cafe on St. Claude in the Bywater, which is also the home of Kolaj Fest’s collage making space. They meet in the middle of the month, generally on a Wednesday evening and share their output on Instagram @neworleanscollage.

Kolaj Magazine asked the New Orleans Collage Meet-up to make a cut out page for this issue.

About the Cut Out Page

The Cut Out Page is a selection of fragments that one can use to make a collage. The feature shows us how artists selected and organized the fragments.

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You can also download a PDF of the page should you wish to not cut up your copy of the magazine. Download it HERE.