Doing What It Takes: Len Davis


Catherine G. Wagley profiled Los Angeles-based collage artist Len Davis in Issue 10 of Kolaj Magazine. Davis has been showing widely around the U.S. over the past year, a result of his hard work of reaching out to galleries and universities, designers and production artists.

Part of Wagley’s conversation with Davis is a discussion of a piece called Find a Way:

“It’s about how if you cannot come up with a solution, you’ve just got to keep grinding away,” says Davis. He has painted yellow clouds on cut-up newspaper and also painted black holes that make the sky look like a façade that’s breaking apart in places. So the planes are finding their ways against a background that’s part sunny, part dark. “You have to find a way to get to where you want to be or need to be,” Davis continues, “and I try to apply that to life and in terms of my career. I’d like to be a full-time working artist and I’m still trying to find that way. It takes years, so . . .” His lets that thought fade. “It’s more of a philosophy, or a strategy,” he adds, which is often how his collages work: they represent observations or ideas he has about life.

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A Thousand Words #8
by Len Davis
collage and graphite on newsprint and panel
Courtesy of the artist