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Kylie Alexander in Collage Artist Trading Cards Pack 6

An artist and graphic designer from Danvers, Massachusetts, Kylie Alexander makes collages that are narrative driven, heavily conceptual, and often deal with themes such as identity, mortality, depersonalization, ambiguity, and sex. She occasionally incorporates three-dimensional found objects into her artwork.

Alexander is one of the 15 artists featured in Collage Artist Trading Cards Pack 6. Collage Artist Trading Card packs are a tool for discovering contemporary, fine art collage. Each card is a full colour, 5.5” x 3.5” postcard with rounded corners. An example of an artist’s work is on the front of the card and the artist’s public contact information is on the back. We interviewed Alexander about her work.

How do you go about making a collage?

I gather a lot of books and objects that put me in mind of the narrative. After that, it’s sort of hard to explain; I mostly just try a million different things with my materials until it feels right.

What motivates you to make a collage?

The collages I make are often times movies I would want to see. I also just love to make work that acts as a visual representation of ambiguous or frightening concepts.

Can you explain the idea behind DIG-pt. 2?

The series this piece is from is centered around a short story I wrote about a young couple who come to find they’re related and wind up as recluses. It feels kind of biblical, which is why I used a lot of mythological imagery and references in the series.

What are you working on these days?

I’m about to start work on a new series about my seemingly cursed hometown (Danvers, Massachusetts), which is where the Salem Witch Trials actually took place, and where there have been two murders in the past few years. I go back there to visit now, and it’s like the atmosphere has been poisoned–I really want to try and explore this visually.


More of Alexander’s collage can be seen in the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory and on her website,