Julie Doucet’s Carpet Sweeper Tales


Montreal illustrator, comic book artist and collagist Julie Doucet’s Carpet Sweeper Tales is a collection of collaged photo comics using images from 1960 and 70s Italian photo novellas (fumetti) and text from 1940s and 50s American advertising. Published by Montreal’s Drawn & Quarterly, the book launches Thursday, 7 April at Librairie D&Q in Montreal’s Mile End and on Sunday, 10 April at Type Books‘ 883 Queen Street West location in Toronto, where Doucet will be interviewed by the CBC’s Sook-Yin Lee.


In Kolaj #15, Ric Kasini Kadour reviewed Carpet Sweeper Tales, calling it “a beautiful collage comic, full of romance and drama. Its unique style of storytelling reflects Doucet’s remarkable grasp of written and visual language and culture.

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Carpet Sweeper Tales
by Julie Doucet
6.4″x5.5″, 185 pages
illustrated, $19.95 Canada/$15.95 USA
ISBN: 978-1-77046-239-7
Drawn & Quarterly
Montreal, Quebec