Collage Communities Forum

The Finite Art of Manufacturing Expansion #18 by Ben DiNino
11”x8.5”; collaged paper; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.


Collage Communities Forum

Online: Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 1PM EST

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Collage is unique in the larger art world in that communities and collectives play an important role in the production and promotion of the art form. Collage groups organize exhibitions, run online calls to artists, facilitate exchange across borders. 

In this virtual forum, leaders of collage communities in North America, Europe, and Latin America will share their experience bringing artists and collage enthusiasts together. 

Collage Communities Forum is presented by Kolaj Institute in conjunction with the launch of the International Directory of Collage Communities. Learn more about Kolaj LIVE Online HERE.


Christopher Kurts is the co-founder and organizer of the Mystic Krewe of Scissors & Glue, a New Orleans collage collective that meets monthly for casual collage nights in addition to working on collaborative projects and group exhibitions. 

Kevin Sampsell used to host an open collage night in Portland as well as managing the collage making space at Kolaj Fest New Orleans. Sampsell, along with Cheryl Chudyk, have recently begun Sharp Hands Gallery, an online journal with each issue acting as a curated exhibition. 

Petra Zehner founded the Paris Collage Collective in 2018 in order to connect both local and global artists on a more personal level than what is possible on social media platforms alone.

Marty McCutcheon is the founder and organizer for Round Table Collaboration, whose main activity is the Postal Collage Project, an annual mail-art collaborative collage project.

Miss.Printed is the founder of The College Club, an international group of collage artists. She is also the founder of the Collage Garden project and The Scandinavian Collage Museum. 

Marco Antonio Núñez founded Centro de Estudios del Collage in order to trace, connect and make visible collage in Chile.

Allison Anne is a collagist, mail artist and zinemaker living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After coordinating a few informal meetups under the same name in 2017, they co-founded Twin Cities Collage Collective with several other artists in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. The group strives to foster community and further collage by providing an inclusive, safe space for individuals at all levels of creative ability to explore the medium.

As Editor of Kolaj Magazine, Ric Kasini Kadour has been following and writing about collage communities since 2010.

Our hope is that this forum will deepen our understanding of collage communities and inspire others to create new ones

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The Finite Art of Manufacturing Expansion #6 by Ben DiNino
11”x8.5”; collaged paper; 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

About the International Directory of Collage Communities

The 104-page book is a survey of collage networks, guilds, communities, and projects as well as online efforts and groups focused on collage research. For each community, the directory presents their key activities, mission, how to join, and a bit of their history. Copious images illustrate the book.


About Kolaj LIVE Online

Kolaj LIVE Online is a series of virtual programs in the form of forums, panels, workshops, artist talks, studio visits, and other activities that allow people to come together, learn and talk about collage, and connect in real time to the collage community. Our goal is to bring the community together in a spirit of mutual support and fellowship.

Kolaj LIVE Online manifests Kolaj Magazine and Kolaj Institute by bringing together artists, curators, and writers to share ideas that deepen our understanding of collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century movement.

About the Cover Artwork

The front and back covers of the International Directory of Collage Communities come from a series of twenty collages that Ben DiNino made between September and December 2018 that “were created using only vintage 1960s and 70s advertisements for The Austin Company, a group focusing on warehouse and manufacturing design and construction.” DiNino is one of the founders of the Twin Cities Collage Collective in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.