5 Collagistes


5 Collagistes
at Brock’n’Roll in La Louvière, Belgium
19 January-3 May 2018

Brock’n’Roll is a studio, gallery and boutique in La Louvière, Belgium. “5 Collagistes” features the work of Allan Bealy (USA-featured on the cover of Kolaj #5); David Delruelle (Belgium), Andrès Gamiochipi (Mexico), Sacha Itchi (France), and Pauline Tonglet (Belgium-featured on the back cover of Kolaj #20).

Georges Vercheval says in the Fanzine that accompanies this show:
Pictures that stick to life.

Of course they were already there, the pictures! For them, it took an eye, ideas, a pencil, a camera and many other things. They nourished themselves with millions of glossy magazines, advertisements on their way to recycling, political pamphlets, event programs and administrative forms. Printed both badly and correctly.

Except that there is Allan, Andrés, David, Pauline, Sacha and suddenly everything is different because the world as it is, is not to their liking.

So they correct it, dismember it, break it, glue it back to countdown…Finally, having combined profit-seeking, violence and consumption and observed nature in collapse, they suggest reconsidering everything, with other eyes.

They tell us in the form of a fable, but believe it, too: it’s true that the jack of hearts has an ax in his back, that the birds are silent and the forest is crying. That fires rage and that the stairway leads nowhere if not to this privileged and elevated place that the collagist knows, and the poet too, from where one can observe the world. For better or for worse…

(adapted from the venues’s press materials)


rue Hamoir 33
7100 La Louvière, Belgium

Wednesday, 2-6PM
Thursday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM


by Allan Bealy
Courtesy of the artist