André Stas at Galerie 100 Titres

The Phantom of the Opera by André Stas (8"x7", 2011)

2 February-24 March 2013

André Stas: “We Will Remember This Planet”

Collage is essential in André Stas’ world: the use of analogy or antithesis, or both at the same time. Words and images come together in order to separate better later.

Pasting doesn’t only mean dropping some glue on paper. It is a process in which routine and chance happen to mix.

Marking out the playground boundaries, setting rules, cutting up, recycling, gathering materials, clashing ideas, naming objects, arranging in series: This is his technique, even if sometimes he does something different, as he loves to play tricks.

However, one aspect remains unchanged: the presence of words in each work, in each piece of collage, even in each fragment. Stas’ cheeky humour, his sharpness, the brilliance of his glibness catches the spectator-reader’s attention.

Galerie 100 Titre’s retrospective of Stas’ collage work from the 1970s to today, as well as an augmented edition of his monograph, gives the public a chance to discover one of the last major surrealists.

In addition, the gallery is presenting the collage works in 2D and 3D of Martine Séguy, Wim Taciturn, and Joël Gaillard.

(adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


Galerie 100 Titres
2, rue Alfred Cluysenaar
1060 Brussels
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Thursday-Sunday, 2-6PM


The Phantom of the Opera
by André Stas