Ladies of the Canyon


Ladies of the Canyon
at Miller’s Thumb Gallery in Greensboro, Vermont, USA
14 July-4 September 2018

“Ladies of the Canyon” celebrates the feminine spirit and the spark that fueled the creative fire of master jeweler Marion Stegner (11 March 1936-13 January 2018). Stegner dreamed Greensboro’s Miller’s Thumb Gallery into being and lived a life of inspired adventure and unending kindness.

A radiant being and life-long advocate for the arts, Marion traveled to over 30 countries within her lifetime and saw design, colour, wonder and beauty in everything. She spent three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Caracas, Venezuela and Quito, Ecuador where she started an artisans cooperative for the Warao Indians which continues to operate to this day. Stegner had an insatiable appetite for the arts, cultural diversity and all things beautiful. Her creative instincts and curiosity led her to be proficient in ceramics, weaving, jewelry, photography and wooden spoon carving. Her passion was designing jewelry and for 35 years she created and designed stunning one-of-a-kind pieces which adorn people the world over. Her life, work and spirit will be celebrated with this exhibition.

Collage by Vanessa Compton, the current operator of Miller’s Thumb, is featured in the exhibition. On her Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page, she says, “Through collage, I birth brave new worlds for discarded paper forms and the creation of these entirely disparate realities weighs on me with humility and wildness. These worlds celebrate lives lived in non-normative existence. These are worlds caught between shifting dimensions, full of myth and contrast.”

(adapted from the artist’s press materials)


Miller’s Thumb
14 Breezy Avenue
Greensboro, Vermont 05841 USA
(802) 533-2045

Hours, through 31 October 2018:
Daily, 10AM-6PM


Ode to Femininity
by Vanessa Compton
collage, acrylic and oil on canvas
Courtesy of the artist