Pandemic Art Lessons

Essential (Study I) by Paola de la Calle
10.5″x12.5″; collage with Social Security card replica. Courtesy of the artist.


Pandemic Art Lessons: An Online Initiative of the Women’s Art Institute

in collaboration with The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
online 26 October-11 December 2020

The Women’s Art Institute challenges its students to reflect deeply and think critically about the world through their artmaking. Curators and Women’s Art Institute co-instructors Patricia Olson and Paige Tighe created an exhibition by sixteen women and non-binary artists—from the Twin Cities and beyond—that responds to the challenges of our time. The curators explain:

“Some artists in this exhibition have powerfully engaged with social justice and other issues of immense importance to our communities. Others have taken a more personal approach, driven by the loneliness and desire for connection that the pandemic lockdown has imposed. Another group embraces beauty and meditative art as a balance to these stress-filled times. Signs and symbols of the era abound: Zoom meetings, gloves, pandemic pods, social security cards, graffiti, six feet of social distancing, masks.”

Covid Quilt #1 (Segment B) by Rita Collins
39″x44″ (entire quilt); fabric, gloves, thread. Courtesy of the artist.

Of the sixteen artists, seven (in bold) were participants in the Pandemic Artist Lab, a program of Kasini House’s Art Meets History project, which took place in June 2020 in conjunction with Tulane University Special Collections: Hend al-Mansour, Leslie Barlow, Beth Bergman, Rita Collins, Teresa Cribelli, Paola de la Calle, Nicole Drilling, GOODW.Y.N, Carolyn Halliday, Susan Hensel, Fawzia Khan, Sarah Kilgallon, Catherine Alice Michaelis/May Day Press, Gwen Partin, Nancy Robinson, and Natalie Vestin.

The Year that Burned by Teresa Cribelli
11.5″x9″; vintage paper, watercolor pencil. Courtesy of the artist.

A catalog of the exhibition is available for download on the gallery’s website HERE.

(Text adapted from the gallery’s press materials.)


The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery
Visual Arts Building
Saint Catherine University
2004 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55105 USA
(651) 690-6644

The gallery is temporarily closed.
Online exhibitions are viewable HERE.