Shape and Color

“Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color” (installation view) at the Albright-Knox Northland Gallery. Courtesy of the gallery.


Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color

at Albright-Knox Northland in Buffalo, New York, USA
26 June-12 September 2021

“Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color” is the largest exhibition ever assembled of this artist, performer, and beloved children’s book author’s work. Simple lines and shapes in primary colors form the basis of the minimal, yet joyous and inviting visual language found throughout his installations and more than eighty publications.

Tullet believes that his audiences “complete” such works. Their potential is only realized through each viewer’s unique play of discovery and interaction. Creativity is for everyone, Tullet asserts, and he encourages all to become active participants in the work. Members of the community are invited to become part of the collaborative and interactive experience at Albright-Knox Northland through a series of ongoing workshops, instructional videos, and other programs.

Local artists Julia Bottoms, Tricia Butski, Max Collins, Fotini Galanes, Rachel Shelton, and Phyllis Thompson are in residence over the course of the exhibition, transforming Albright-Knox Northland into an educational and interactive site and further blurring the lines between display and production, museum and studio. The works created as part of their residencies, including a polytab mural designed in collaboration with Tullet, will later be installed in public locations. The artists will be in residence at Northland in two cohorts, with Julia Bottoms, Tricia Butski, and Rachel Shelton creating work from June 26 to August 1, and Max Collins, Fotini Galanes, and Phyllis Thompson creating work from August 6 to September 12.

“Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color” (installation view) at the Albright-Knox Northland Gallery. Courtesy of the gallery.

Hervé Tullet is an artist, performer, and author of children’s books, born in Normandy, France, in 1958. After studying illustration and visual communication, he worked for about ten years in advertising. His titles include Comment papa a rencontré maman (1994), Faut pas confondre (1998, winner of the Non-Fiction Prize at the Bologna International Book Fair), Press Here (2010) and Mix it Up!, Let’s Play!, and Say Zoop! The artist has lived and worked in the U.S. since 2015.

(text adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


Albright-Knox Northland
612 Northland Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14211 USA
(716) 882-8700

Friday, Noon-7PM
Saturday-Sunday, 10AM-5PM


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