Sleep/Swim at Tiapapata Art Centre

Linden Eller: “Sleep/Swim”
17 June-16 July 2016

“Sleep/Swim” is a collection of recent works made by collage artist Linden Eller during her residency at Tiapapata Art Centre in Samoa. Composed of layered found paper sewn in floating abstract shapes, the collages aim to replicate the alterating memory process. This specific series explores island nostalgia–dreamings and recollections that involve an oceanic environment.

Linden Eller grew up in Arizona before moving to California to study drawing and painting. She’s since lived and worked out of England, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and currently Samoa. This geographically diverse lifestyle has played a large role in the development of her artistic language. She reuses found fragments she gathers along the way which affect her personally but also serve as an element of randomness present in the act of remembering. Linden considers her work as field recordings from the mind.


Tiapapata Art Centre
Kelsey Lane
Malololelei, Upolu, Samoa
+685 759-9954


by Linden Eller
mixed media sewn on paper
Courtesy of the artist