Strange Menagerie

collage by Katie McCann
Courtesy of the artist.


Strange Menagerie: Katie McCann and Suzanne Long
at Gearbox Gallery in Oakland, California, USA
12 September-12 October 2019

Katie McCann says about her work:
‘I have known such a creature‘ (Charles Altamont Doyle) is how I start my collages. As a child, I lived in a wonder world of faeries, science fiction, botany and zoology. Not much has changed, the only difference being that I now record all of my thoughts and stories in the form of intricate hand cut  collages. 

“From my large collection of books, prints and pages that are antique, forgotten and foxed with age, I cut out images, categorize them and then eventually transform them into other worldly creatures who are sometimes static like specimens and at other times are surviving in unique habitats.”

Suzanne Long creates sculptures and says about her work:
“My work is about memory, adding a visual narrative to my thoughts. My work is about melancholy and humour, politics and storytelling. Sometimes I don’t know what my work is about, I just have a compulsion to make it, I let my hands lead, other times my mind.“

“Sometimes I make the same piece over and over, like learning the words to a song, practicing, I repeat it again and again until it is a part of me, then I can release the concept, with an understanding of it. My work teaches me who I am, it defines the edges for a time, then my focus changes and my work becomes something else. It answers a question for me, it poses a question to me.”

(Text adapted from the gallery’s press materials)


GearBox Gallery
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Thursday-Friday, Noon-6PM
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