“Transmitter/Receiver: The Persistence of Collage” at The New Art Gallery Walsall

Pair V by John Stezaker (Courtesy The Arts Council Collection)

4 May-30 June 2012

The title of this touring exhibition comes from the words of the French critic Nicholas Bourriaud: “We are no longer either passive receivers or authoritative cultural transmitters, but potentially both simultaneously.” It presents the work of 32 artists to illustrate some of the uses of “collage in British art from the first influences of the Parisian avant-garde” through the present day.

Book Review: Meaning to Glue


“Meaning to Glue” was an exhibition held at the Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande, Oregon, USA, 13 January-12 February 2012. Curator Cory W. Peeke sent Kolaj a copy of the exhibition catalogue.