Josette Villeneuve


Everyday objects are at the centre of Josette Villeneuve’s projects. She enjoys taking them out of their normal environments and incorporating them within other contexts and introducing them into unpredictable places.

Ariane Fairlie profiled Josette Villeneuve in an Artist Portfolio in Kolaj Magazine Issue 12. She wrote:

Josette Villeneuve’s collages are like an informal lesson in political science. They speak to the push and pull of borders and identities in the global context. Each is a patchwork of images of maps and other references to nation states; the majority of the maps she uses are of North America. She provides a macro view of our world while maintaining a very personal touch in her use of illustration.

Josette Villeneuve lives and works in Shawinigan, Quebec. Visit her Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory Page, HERE, to learn more about her and her work.

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Revenir chez-soi
by Josette Villeneuve
oil, graphite, pencil on a North America canvas physical map on wood
Courtesy of the artist