Book Signing: Zach Collins – Recycled Trophies


Friday, 13 June 2014, 6-10PM

Zach Collins will be signing copies of his and Aaron Beebe’s Recycled Trophies (published by Maison Kasini Canada, publishers of Kolaj Magazine) and Collins’ soon-to-be published We Said Hello and Shook Hands.

Recycled Trophies is a collection of twenty collages in two states of being: starters and finishes. It is the product of Aaron Beebe and Zach Collins, two artists who have never met in person. The pair agreed to collaborate after corresponding by email.

We Said Hello and Shook Hands is filled with collaborations done by Zach Collins and over 100 artists from around the world, both local and spanning over 20 countries. There will be proof of We Said Hello and Shook Hands to look through during the opening event with accompanying artworks.

Zach Collins is an experimental process based artist, combining found overlooked fragments, discarded objects and vintage imagery collected from off the street, anything could become a element of the work transformed and reinterpreted. He simultaneously dispels the intended context of the image while creating a new one as soon as it is cut from the source. Each piece combines fractured components, combining into a final creation that expands the existing visual language and context into a new conversation.

Recycled Trophies by Zach Collins and Aaron Beebe will be available for $20, which includes an original collage by Zach Collins.

Recycled Trophies is also available online at Kasini House ARTSHOP.

Learn more about Zach Collins on his Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page: HERE.


3506 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 871-2263

10-12 June: 11AM-3PM
13 June: 6-10PM


From Recycled Trophies by Zach Collins and Aaron Beebe