Zach Collins+

12″x12″; paper; 2013

Zach Collins
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


My work is about memories-tragic, humorous, and everything in-between.  I investigate the unexpected associations and experiment in combining these contrasting materials with collage.


Zach Collins was born in Grinnell, Iowa. He received his BA in Fine Arts from Upper Iowa University and his MA from the University of Iowa. He is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where he is pursuing a MFA degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Upon arriving at M.C.A.D. in August 2011, Zach’s main focus switched from digital to analog collage. The switch was influenced by revisiting a childhood car accident and sparked a new passion for the process of analog collage. He started sharing his work online in 2011, and presented with inspiration and encouragement from the online art community. He has exhibited his work internationally and as his artwork continues to develop hopes work and shows will follow.


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8″x6″; paper; 2013

8″x6″; paper; 2013