Aprile Elcich

Aprile Elcich is the author of the collage blog Notpaper, which features interviews with collage stars and up-and-comers internationally. She gets to meet many great people, as her blog has gained many followers and loyal readers—and she is excited to continue along this path. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, and spent 2010-2011 in Philadelphia where she worked as a graphic designer.

Billy Mavreas

Billy Mavreas is a Montreal based writer & artist as well as co-director of Monastiraki, a gallery/boutique in Mile End.
His art practice is based on accumulation and accretion, consisting of various personal collections, stacks of drawings, various ephemeral scraps and an assortment of found objects that resonate with him on an aesthetic and spiritual level.
He is the author of two graphic novels, one book of posters and countless mini books, zines, pamphlets and assorted ephemera.
He is also a co-founder of Expozine, one of Canada’s largest and most well respected Small Press Fairs.