Exhibition – Carlos Noronha Feio at IMT Gallery

Plant Life of the Pacific World is a controversial exhibition of delicate flower and plant forms assembled from collaged photographs of nuclear explosions. In this new work Noronha Feio plays with the relationships between beauty, conflict, the foreign and the domestic.

Each work has been classified in accordance with American botanist E. D. Merrill’s book from which the exhibition takes its name. Originally published for military use in 1945, the book’s dry classification of flora is transformed by Noronha Feio into an explosive revelry of intense, amoebic forms. Plant Life of the Pacific World defuses one of the most recognisable symbols of destruction, horror and power to create a sumptuous taxonomy combining the nuclear mutations of popular fiction, the evolutionary mutations of Darwin’s Galapagos and an imagined botany of Bikini Atoll, whose use as nuclear testing grounds followed the book’s publication.

The Future of Kolaj Magazine

In presenting a Pre-Issue, our goal is to offer a taste of what is to come. The first issue of Kolaj will include a number of features not presented in these pages. We invite you to join us on Facebook…

Collage Party in Burlington, Vermont

Friday, March 2, 2012, 5-8PM

This month, to celebrate the art of collage, the Jackie Mangione Studio will host a free collage party for March’s First Friday Art Walk.

Come up to the studio and make a collage with magazines, recycled product packaging and more! Also on view, and for sale, is a special selection of New York City Pop Artist Michael Albert’s cereal collage posters.

The Pre-Issue of Kolaj Magazine will be on hand at the event.