“Urban Walls”: Joyce Hill at gallery 6 pdx, Portland

3 May-2 June 2013

Joyce Hill’s collage is richly layered with materials including photographs, texts, acrylic paint, and found bits of urban decay. She creates a sense of energy tinged with an urban loneliness while she deftly manipulates both composition and subject matter.

“The Other Kind”: Tony Fitzpatrick at Pierogi

26 April-26 May 2013

American artist Tony Fitzpatrick is a passionate storyteller conveying his tales across multiple media: as a playwright, a stage and film performer, a radio personality, and as a visual artist through his drawing collages and etchings. “The Other Kind” is Fitzpatrick’s fifth solo show at Pierogi.

James Gortner: “The Lovers” at Lyons Wier Gallery

2 May-1 June 2013

For the last two years, James Gortner has been developing a series of paintings based on his relationship with photographer Carolina Palmgren, the symbolism found in the Tarot, and his theories on artistic production. He starts with a constructed composition of other artists’ original works and paints on it.